2020 Davinci Gliders – Swing Paragliders – U-Turn Paraglider – Gradient Gliders – Finsterwalder Charly & Supair Product List

Davinci Paragliders


is an easy EN/LTF A glider which is suitable for entry-level pilots and for use in accuracy competitions.

The Point :

Davincy Dedicated Accuracy glider, is going to be released soon


is the mid-range EN-B glider for pilots who have recently finished their first training course that are aiming to have a paraglider with a well-balanced combination of performance and safety.

The Funky :

is a class-leading EN-B glider that perfectly balances performance and safety. It has been designed for pilots seeking a glider with agile handling to continue their progression.


on the testing face


is a top level EN D two-liner with an A.R. close to 7 for high level international competitions and for XC experts.

The Opera:

CCC wing for top level competitors and expert pilots

Tandems Paragliders


is an easy all-round tandem paraglider for both commercial and recreational use

The Duet #:

The best is now even better! All advantages of the well known Duet plus the new reinforced construction. Dokdo 30 DMF for the leading edge and Skytex 38 for the rest of upper surface will withstand thousands of takeoffs and landings.



is an easy EN/LTF A glider which is perfectly suitable for entry-level paramotor flying.


is our PPG all-rounder. The semi-reflex profile provides easy launch and supreme stability throughout the full speed range

The JAZZ :

is a para-motoring glider designed for the most demanding and challenging air, its dynamic handling and playful characteristics will make you extremely exciting.

Reserve Parachutes


Reduced weight, good sink rate (less than 5.0m/s), good stability.


SWING Paragliders



The MITO is the result of a combination of innovative ideas, advanced technologies and sound development work, based on decades of experience in paraglider development. Our goal: to develop a paraglider on which beginners and occasional flyers can rely 100% and which offers a good deal of flying enjoyment without overextending the pilot.

Arcus RS

The name ARCUS generates high expectations. It is linked inseparably with SWING and stands for a revolutionary paraglider design, which has given many thousands of paraglider pilots a safe and easy introduction into our captivating sport over a period of nearly 20 years.The ARCUS RS, with its particular features and stylish appearance, joins this successful low-end B-tradition. Innovative and redesigned, it departs from the well-worn paths of paraglider development and provides completely new impetus for our sport.The unique new partition system known as RAST now has additional valves, and the ARCUS RS is an impressive example of how it operates

Arcus Rs Lite

The ARCUS RS Lite is the weight-optimised version of the popular Arcus RS.

Nyos RS

The NYOS was the glider flown by Didi Siglbauer to win the DHV-XC two years in a row. The success strategy behind this glider is entering its next phase with the NYOS RS!The main difference between the NYOS RS and the NYOS is the fact that it is much easier for pilots to tap into its performance potential because of the increase in stability and control.

Helios RS

The name HELIOS is a tribute to the sun, which is what makes cross-country flights and flying adventures possible in the first place.Helios RS is the name of our new C-class lightweight performance glider. With the Helios RS we have addressed the dogma that more performance means a less comfortable flight. With its unique construction, lightweight no longer needs to mean there will be a sharp drop off in performance over time.Even during its development phase, the XC all-rounder became our test pilots’ absolute favorite wing with its direct and precise handling.

Agera RS

The new AGERA RS sees the introduction of the first EN-C glider to feature RAST!We have combined RAST with an uncompromising performance profile. Through the synergies this produces, the AGERA RS is redefining the sport class and blurring the boundaries with the performance class.

Twin RS 2

For the first time thhttp://www.swing.de/twin-rs-en.htmle RAST system is being used for a tandem glider. This has made it possible for our R&D team to utilise the advantages of a larger surface area, and there are marked improvements when it comes to launch behaviour, speed, stability and handling.

The most important highlights of TWIN RS are:


Apus RS

The APUS RS is an all-terrain miniwing and the universal tool for guaranteed fun for practically any occasion.

Spitfire 2 +

The Spitfire 2 Plus is a classy speed rider, based on the basic concept for the previous version. It has direct and uncompromising handling and feels completely at home on the powder slopes of our mountains. The new, very lightweight and robust 15dtex fabric reduces any canopy sluggishness, thus making control behavior more intuitive and precise. This allows pilots to focus entirely on their line even in difficult terrain.

Mirage RS+

In recent years the Mirage RS has proved to be a safe all-round glider for speed flying and speed riding.Many top pilots in the paragliding scene (including the Soul Flyers, Valentin Deluc and many of the world’s other best pilots) have confidence in its forgiving flight behaviour in conjunction with its broad performance spectrum.


Connect Reverse 3

Connect Race

Brave 4

U-Turn Paragliders


XS 22.0 / S 24.0 / SM 26.0 / M 28.0 / L 30.5 / XL 33.5
Revolution of the A-Class
The innovative entry-level wing brings the technology from the acro area into the training class. The EVOLUTION features the innovative Pressure Balance Valves (PBV) from U-Turn.

Emotion 3

XS 23 / S 25.5 / SM 28.5 / M 30 / L 31.5 / XL 35
Safety of a new generation
The EMOTION 3 sets new standards in safety and performance. Never before has so much effort been made to achieve a new concept level. More than a year has gone by the development work on the new high-end A-screen. Many studies and prototypes have been created for the EMOTION 3 and discarded and constantly refined and optimized by countless test flights.


XS 23 / S 25.5 / SM 28.5 / M 30 / L 31.5 / XL 35
Safety easily packed
The ETERNITY is a middle A glider with optimized power-to-weight ratio. The everyday lightweight wing offers enormous safety reserves with a sporty handling. This makes him a perfect all-rounder for any adventure. Not only beginners should have great fun with the ETERNITY – the forgiving behavior also ensures ambitious route pilots and mountaineers guaranteed sustainable flight fun.


Simply easy!
The zeitgeist calls for a high level of flexibility and independence, a trend that carries the origins of paragliding into the future. Minimal weight and easy handling – the ANNAPURNA delivers the perfect statement of simplification and redefines mobility. Thus, your goals are limitless, the ultra-light Hi-Tech Lowend B wing is hungry for cross country flights, as well as radical Hike & Fly adventures and extended trips to remote launch sites ..

Infinity 5

XS 20,97 / S 22,97 / SM 24,97 / M 27,07 / L 29,16
Safe performance
The INFINITY5 is a track wing that will bring every class newcomer to safety. The endless fun with the legendary INFINITY feeling goes into the 5th generation. So everything was under the premise of an honest Lowend B-wing with maximum feel-good factor. To translate its character to the zeitgeist, the grand piano has been redesigned from scratch and equipped with all the latest design features. Thus, the unprecedentedly good-natured properties could be gained a lot of performance.


LTF / EN A / B
Not to be outdone in terms of flexibility
The innovative company U-Turn presents the all-in-one umbrella: The PARAMOTION is the first paraglider that can be adapted to almost all conditions. The flexibility is made possible by a built-in zipper, which reduces the area of the PARAMOTION by two chambers. Thus, the scope of the transformation artist is limitless. In vain do you look for a screen that combines so many functions in the market.

Blacklight 2

XS 22.6 / S 24.8 / M 27.2 / L 29.2
Innovation that brings you further
Revolutionary performance with easy handling – the BLACKLIGHT has raised the bar in the B-Class drastically. Accordingly, the demands on the new generation were merciless. The BLACKLIGHT 2 now packs a new dimension of performance on top. The wing has been redesigned from the ground up and offers a much higher speed and an enormous glide performance of 10.7. The BLACKLIGHT 2 gives a noticeably more compact feel, and efficiently puts the performance on track. Fascinating sporty handling makes it a precise thermal rotator. In addition to the impressive performance, the wing offers security and comfort that will take you even further.


XS 22.6 / S 24.8 / M 27.2 / L 29.2
With light luggage on route
The CROSSROCK is a lightweight travel wing suitable for everyday use. It combines low packing volume with performance-oriented peace of mind. A hybrid of light and everyday umbrella, which has to offer high comfort even on long stretches. The CROSSROCK is hungry for distant targets and relentlessly pulls to the ground even in low thermal conditions. The elegant glider cuts through turbulent air masses and can hardly be disturbed.


XS 22,97 / S 24,97 / M 26,97 / L 28,97
Follow your vision
The VISION is a high-performance intermediate of superlatives. At the top limit of the B-Class, the super sailor offers a new level of performance-oriented fun factor. The unprecedented B-Class 11.6 glide performance enables epic cross-country experiences with guaranteed success. With that you follow your VISION, as far as your curiosity carries you. High speed and sporty handling are combined by the VISION with subdued reactions in extreme flight behavior. At U-Turn, innovative thinking is a must – and so we saw our development aspirations in preserving class-appropriate safety and simultaneously breaking the performance barrier.


Maximum performance with minimal weight
The EVEREST is the first mountaineering umbrella designed for performance. Designed for hard alpine use and for hike & fly adventures, it convinces not only by the very small pack size but also by its flight characteristics. The super light power wing is one of the lightest paragliders in the world.

Everest +

Maximum performance, minimum weight (from 1,98kg)
The EVEREST + built for the pure experience hunger outside of any convention. The wing gives you the freedom to keep all options open, be it on your own mountain, on trips or on alpine adventures. Based on the successful Everest Hike & Fly wing, the Plus now provides even more fun, even more handling and even smaller pack size. A new line concept with three covered straps per carrying strap and a new cloth make the upgrade perfect.

Passenger 2

Handling up two
It’s time for a new interpretation of tandem flies. The PASSENGER 2 brings the agile solo handling into the two-seater class for the first time – high maneuverability with low control pressure make the PASSENGER 2 a very efficient working tool for every tandem pilot. The PASSENGER 2 unites high performance with the highest level of safety and puts flying fun first. The modern two-seater is available in two configurations as GT or Pro version.

Asterion LT

The star among the simple two-seaters
Share your adventure moments with the world’s first lightweight tandem with LTF-A approval. The ASTERION Light Tourismo brings the concentrated A-Class know-how of U-Turn for the first time in the two-seater class and still holds a high speed ready. Sporty handling meets exceptionally good-natured flight behavior packaged to a minimum. A mixture that holds countless applications for the lightweight two-seater. From the perfect family wing, to the unconditional companion on demanding alpine activities and touring in togetherness. The concept of simplification already comes at the start. Thus, the lightweight two-seater can start almost from any position and promises in the air carefree fun moments.


LTF / EN C / D
Performance + freestyle = freeride
The new fun wing from U-Turn combines freestyle genes with performance. The new mix of sporty dynamics and reliable climbing performance leads to the new Freeride category. Because the outstanding sliding properties make the dynamic fun wing also a highly efficient “turner” in the thermal. Thus, the range of application of the versatile fun wing is almost limitless. He convinces as well as acro-trainer but also with thermikfliegen – this makes him a real freerider.

Blackout +

The Acro-wing with the unbeatable handling! The BLACKOUT success story is based on balanced cap harmonics, which provide a perfect blend of forgiving dynamics and precise handling. With the BLACKOUT PLUS, a significant increase in dynamics as well as handling was achieved without letting the screen become more aggressive. Lots of dynamics with very easy handling, so that the BLACKOUT PLUS is aimed equally at hobby-acro-pilots and acro-beginners, as well as at professionals.


Changing the game
The Joker redefines the rules of the game – The principle of pure dynamics brings uncompromising extra power with high rotational speed back into paragliding acrobatics. Once again, it’s about a new benchmark. The professional grand piano combines performance-oriented dynamics with extremely precise handling – “it takes a little push”. The Joker overrides the laws and maintains the high cap pressure even between maneuvers. This is ensured by the valves developed by U-Turn on the lower sail (PBV) in conjunction with the pressure-optimized geometry of the leading edge. Despite the high dynamics of the Joker has a balanced cap harmonics why the reactions are controlled accordingly.

Twingforce RE4

The Acro two-seater – extra power for dynamic high two
As an innovation pioneer, U-Turn has a long tradition of continually redefining flyable boundaries. No other wing has proven this as impressively as the world’s first Twinforce acro-tandem paraglider, which, for the first time ever, was a two-seater Infinity Tumbling by the World Cup winners Pal and Gabor. The innovative grand piano is a technical masterpiece and has made history – now it was time to rebuild the legendary dynamics miracle and take it to the next level.


Give your fun more speed
Razor-sharp lines close to the terrain contour require uncompromising precision. The SPEEDMASTER3 delivers them and responds to control impulses directly and without delay. The modern construction ensures a stable unit between wing and pilot and gives it a high pitching stability in dynamic flight. Despite the small area, the compact wing provides plenty of sliding power with a wide speed range. The SPEEDMASTER3 is designed as an all-round speedglider – it follows your intuition on skis along snow-covered slopes, as well as in the summer over sloping terrain.


The ultimate fun machine for triple dynamics power
Freestyle soaring on strong wind coasts, wagga ground training or alpine racing adventures, the TRINITY
redefines dynamics. The Miniwing offers the forms of play between freestyle and carving inexhaustible possibilities with concentrated power – built for playful moments of pure agility. The Fun Wing was developed in cooperation with the groundhandling luminary Mike Küng and designed according to his ideals.


Let’s play
Stop bored pilot children – The KIDROCK is the ultimate tool for the real game without a console. Thus, U-Turn now also offers the youngest generation of pilots a mini-wing in which the balance of power is right. Aviation-loving parents thus have the perfect opportunity to introduce their offspring to the professional pilot’s craft. The groundtrainer offers ambitious young pilots unlimited possibilities for playing with addictive potential that are in no way inferior to the big role models. Based on the Safety concept Emotion3, the KIDROCK with 12m2 was specially designed for children’s needs. Let the next generation rock!


Progress that drives you
Electromobility is already the future of our locomotion. The PROGRESS is the first motorized paraglider that has been developed for electrical operation. While the power efficiency of the wing only plays a secondary role in the internal combustion engine, it provides elementary performance gains in the electric drive. The PROGRESS is a versatile cruiser that you want to develop with. This is ensured by a variable reflex profile, which adapts linearly due to increasing speed and thus offers passengers the perfect introduction to the Reflex class. With the PROGRESS even ambitious pilots can accelerate the fun factor.


Ready to race
The PYLO is a motorized wing born on the slalom course and bears the competitive edge. The professional device was developed over two successful competition years and constantly optimized in the competitions of Guillaume Vallance.




Fifth generation of the best beginners choice and choice of the pilots who are looking for fun.We believe that every pilot flying Bright5 will be very happy with this glider in terms of its flight characteristics, exceptional safety and really nice handling. Enjoyment was a must for us while developing the glider and we are sure this attribute was also fulfilled.

Golden 5

The Golden5 is the latest wing from the Gradient development team. The wing is the follow-up to the most successful Gradient model ever, the Golden series. The result is pure style, an aerodynamic design with an incomparable variety of uses and the potential to meet the demands of all kinds of pilots.


Montana3 is a light glider with high passive safety and can be used for any type of flying. It is designed not only for the passionate hike and fly pilot but also for the occasional pilot who wants a light and easily packable glider with a long life span.

Nevada 2

Nevada2 is a purely 3-row glider with only two main lines on each side due to our well proven Gradient DD system. It has only 62 line attachment points. Thanks to that, we achieved the lowest possible number of lines and total line consumption. By a progressive diameter gradation of the unsheathed upper gallery lines and by reduced binding of the brake lines the total area of lines and their aerodynamic drag are minimised. 

Nevada 2 Lite

To develop a new glider is not only a matter of love for flying of the Gradient R&D team, but also a matter of their responsibility to bring the pilots something new and improved.The glider construction is only a first stage. The second stage is tuning the glider. To tune up Nevada2, to give it high performance and stability and to fulfil strict criteria of the EN-B category, that is a difficult challenge. The performance and potential of Nevada2 were finalised at our big XC flying tests in Brazil and South Africa. The glider behaviour was tuned up in Italy, Austria and the Czech Republic.After a year of intensive work we have achieved our goal and we proudly introduce Nevada2, the glider for occasional pilots and for XC pilots who appreciate potential and passive safeness of the glider.

Aspen 6

Our development team has started its design work on Aspen 6 during the summer 2016. The development team had still in mind the Nevada2 glider which excels in great manoeuvrability, speed, and safe behaviour. The assignment and the goal were clear but not quite easy. The aim was to transfer newly gained experience into a new generation of high performance glider within the EN-C category. After a month of design preparation, the team has chosen from several options the one that fulfils all substantial criterias. At first sight, it can be seen that this conceptually new glider is different from all previous Aspens. Aspen6 has a new frontal shape of the canopy which goes into a loosely released curve with minimal aerodynamic distortion that lowers the induced drag and improves the behaviour of the glider. With increased flat aspect ratio and higher number of cells, it was decided to use three main lines suspension with optimised upper line forks. This concept in combination with its internal (diagonal ribs) structure allowed us to save some extra weight which is always important for the feeling of the glider as well as the glider’s behaviour.

Aspen6 light

Our development team has started its design work on Aspen 6 during the summer 2016. The development team had still in mind the Nevada2 glider which excels in great manoeuvrability, speed, and safe behaviour

Avax XC5

The new Avax XC5 is the latest wing from the Gradient development team. Avax XC5 is a high performance EN-D glider and should be flown by very experienced pilots like every glider in this class. We succeeded to create a very light wing, one of the lightest in EN-D class at the moment. XC5 is a completely new concept of the wing and we are not just recycling some old ideas.

BiGolden 4 & BiGolden 4 LITE

For our development team, to design a new tandem glider is not only a great pleasure but also a great challenge, especially after the successful BiGolden3 model. After four years on the market, BiGolden3 is still the most successful tandem glider and also to be true inspiration for other designers.
Generally, to design a new tandem wing means to utilise as many of the latest innovations and technical solutions as possible to create a single compact design which exceeds expectations. In the case of the BiGolden4, we have been working for eight months on development and flown lot of hours in all possible conditions using six different prototypes. The development of the new wing was quite straight forward and very effective, so now we can proudly introduce the successor of the legendary BiGolden3 – the new BiGolden4.

Xstyle – entry level acro/freestyle glider

When I started to fly acro, the right way to learn was to take a low en B and practice the first maneuvers safely with it until you mastered them. Nowadays people tend to try and go too fast to a freestyle or acro wing; doing so, they waste time and lack safety within their acro progression. For several years, I have been advising pilots around the world to learn acro with an “easier” glider. And that is how the idea of the Xstyle came in. An easy, safe and reliable glider with which it is very easy to learn all the easy maneuvers from wing over, stalls, deep stalls to some more technical ones like the helico, tumbling and so on. I have been giving advice on how to learn acro for quite some time now (through tutorials, magazines or on take-off sites) so when we started to work on the Xstyle with the Gradient R&D team I had a pretty clear idea on how the glider should be behaving and what its characteristics should be. The ideas behind the Xstyle was to have a very safe glider which every pilot could fly safely while still being able to give the energy needed for the acro tricks. I tried to put all my knowledge and experience into trimming this glider so it could give the opportunity to every pilot to learn and train acro safely. The Xstyle has a precise but still long brake range, a custom-designed brake setting in order to have easier and more stable helicos and a huge passive safety during all the shoots and collapses that young acro trainees may encounter. I am confident that the Xstyle will be able to put smiles on the face of every pilot and help them go further into their acro career.


Gradient’s new Freestyle3 is your wing for everything paragliding is today. It doesn’t matter whether you’re launching into a strong wind, if you’re working on acro manoeuvres and transitions, or if you just love dropping its sharp-shaped winglet into the centre of a cracking thermal. With the Freestyle3 you’ll find your personal playground in the air, anywhere on the planet. It might just change your life as you jack in that fulltime job and head off to find the best place to perfect your skills, training as often as you can. The Freestyle3 hones your intuition into the perfect line in the sky, the perfect climb and the perfect, stylish acro run. At the same time the Freestyle3 will keep you busy. With its sensitive feedback it will clearly show off your skill level, while offering you room to perfect those skills. Training with the Freestyle3 will help take your flying to the next level – and will help you move on up to a dedicated Acro wing.


Agility is our new special acrobatic glider for very experienced pilots. It is a full-on acro glider specially designed to perform all acrobatic manoeuvres. We worked on this wing together with top acrobatic pilots Horacio Llorens and Théo De Blic. Horacio and Théo had been testing the wing for couple of years already and they helped us to take it to perfection. 




SUPAIR Paramotor Harness





The SUPAIR team proudly presents its first kitesurf wing: The AKOMA, a versatile wing par excellence. Multi-media and multi-disciplines: that fun without any head at any time of the year.

Contact :

Carlos Olivera